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Anthony Estes

Contact Information

Email    aestes@ucla.edu
Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Psychological Anthropology and Sociocultural Anthropology


Awareness of others, energy, inner states, in group meditation; Zen, mindfulness, and non-professional psychotherapeutic process, qigong, ESP, vulnerability and feelings, attraction; non-secular awareness and non-personal agency within ethnographic research; Taipei, Taiwan; Chinese and western self; Heidegger, Foucault, Peirce


"Defending Truth: Intertextual Work in a Local Outdoor Ministry," July, 2008. 

Papers that are currently receiving editorial suggestions prior to submission for publication: 

"Secularity's Other, Or, the Problem of Truth-claims in Interworldly Encounters Transcendings, Psychoanalytic Anthropology, and the Problem of Meaning: A Review and Discussion of Possible Directions" 

Stanford Thesis: "Huaqio and Subject-making in a Transnational Self-cultivation Movement" 

Undergrad Thesis: "Religion, Liminality, and Relatedness, an Interdisciplinary Model with Applications to Hasidism"


Jason Throop (chair) 
Douglas Hollan 
Yan Yunxiang 
Ann Taves (UCSB Religious Studies)


B.A. Psychology, Gardner-Webb University
M.A. Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
M.A. East Asian Studies, Stanford University