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Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo

Contact Information

Email    luisfelipe@ucla.edu
Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Sociocultural Anthropology


Anthropology of language, morality, technology, and politics; gift economy; STS; computer hacking; intellectual property.


"Free and Open Source Software" in Johns Hopkins' Encyclopedia of Digital Textuality, forthcoming 2013. 

"Free Software Trajectories: from organized publics to formal social enterprises" in Journal of Peer Production, issue 3, 2013, co-authored with Chris Kelty and Morgan Curie. 

"Partial Perspectives in Astronomy: Gender, ethnicity, nationality, and meshworks in building images of the universe and social worlds" in Special Issues of Social Studies of Science, 2012, co-authored with Diane Gu, Reynal Guillen, Jarita Holbrook, and Sharon Traweek. 

"Birds of the Internet - Towards a field guide to the organization and governance of participation" in Journal of Cultural Economy, 4(2), 157-187., 2010. co-authored with Chris Kelty, Aaron Panofski, Lilly Nguyen, and Adam Fish. 

"Politica, Cultura e Tecnologia na Comunidade Brasileira de Software Livre" in Estudos de Propriedade Intelectual, Tomo Editora, 2009. 

"Prefacio" for the Brazilian translation of "Body/Meaning/Healing" by Thomas Csordas, co-authored with Carlos Alberto Steil, Editora da UFRGS, 2008. 

"Memoria, experiencia e politica da comunidade de software livre e de codigo aberto Brasileira" in Indivualismo, Sociabilidade e Memoria, edited by Cornelia Eckert; Editora Deriva, 2008. 

"O Virtual e o Politico: a Analise de um Confronto Discursivo da Comunidade Brasileira de Software Livre" in Observatorio (OBS*), Vol 1, No 2, 2007.

Conference Presentations

"Hacking and/as Bricolage" at Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, San Diego, 2013. 

"New Expert Eyes Over Fukushima" at NSF workshop on Fukushima, UC Berkeley, 2013. 

"Hacking and/as Political Narrative" at Anthropology in Transit, Graduate Student Conference, UC Irvine, 2013. 

"Hacking and/as Magic" at American Anthropological Association meetings, San Francisco, 2012. 

"Partial perspectives in Astronomy: gender, ethnicity, nationality and meshworks in building digital images of the universe" at Visualization in the Age of Computerisation conference, Oxford University, 2011. 

"Free and Open Source Software Networked Publics: Public participation and Co-Construction of Information Technologies in Brazil and Japan" at Society for Social Studies of Science annual meeting, University of Tokyo, 2010. 

"Politics, Culture and Technology in the Brazilian Free and Open Source Software Community" at the American Anthropological Association meetings, San Francisco, 2008.


Christopher Kelty 
Mariko Tamanoi 
Yunxiang Yan 
Sharon Traweek (UCLA Gender Studies)


M.A. Social Anthropology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2009)