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Nicole Lannoy

Contact Information

Email    nlannoy@ucla.edu
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I am a cultural and environmental anthropologist studying nature-culture relations.

My research focuses on the ways contemporary urban Americans experience and understand nature and wilderness. My work is interdisciplinary and in addition to anthropology also draws on the fields of geography and education to theorize urban human/non-human relations. I am particularly interested in how children are socialized into a certain way of understanding the environment, and what possibilities these ideas and experiences may hold for the future of environmentalism and sustainability.

Fields of Study

Sociocultural Anthropology


Environment; human-nature relations; settler colonialism; land use and value; sense of place; wilderness ideologies; urban anthropology; education; United States


Jessica Cattelino
Sherry Ortner
Mariko Tamanoi
Lieba Faier (UCLA Geography)


B.A. Anthropology, Yale University (2006)
M.A. Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles (2012)