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Summer Sessions

The Anthropology department would like to announce our schedule of exceptional summer courses for 2017. These summer classes offer greater flexibility, smaller class sizes, and are only 6 weeks long. Also, some of these classes are only offered during summer sessions. 

The official Schedule of Classes is available at the Registrar.


Session A

June 26 - August 4

Anthro 9: Culture and Society 

Anthro 33: Culture and Communication 

Anthro 110P: Principles of Archaeology

Anthro 124P: Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior

Anthro 133F: Anthropology of Food

Anthro 137/1: Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Cross and Intra-Cultural Perspectives and Understandings of Disability

Anthro 156: Anthropology of Religion

Anthro 167 Urban Anthropology


Session C

August 7 - September 15

Anthro 7: Human Evolution 

Anthro 135S: Deviance and Abnormality

Anthro 139: Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology

Anthro 147: Selected Topics in Linguistic Anthropology

Anthro 149A: Language and Identity

Anthro M154Q: Gender Systems: Global


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